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Matrix Synth Bug

May 08 2006 | 5:20 pm

I think i have located the bug in my synth as to why it wasnt playing the correct notes on time. I am using a tempo object and a counter as means to step through the various columns of my matrix in order to read out the cell values. The list information is then passed from the matrix to a prepend set message. This is connected to a message box which is also being trigger by a bang from the prepend set. Now it appears that if a cell value shows up as "1" it is only sent through to the rest of the patch (funnel->spray->corresponding midi note value) a beat/step after it was picked up by getcolumn.

How can I make the message bang through immediately so that it is instaneous without having to tamper with the counters. The way it is works but always plays a note behind what you have programmed.


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