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matrixctrl object data

Feb 26 2013 | 4:41 pm

Hi all.

I’m currently building a step sequencer with 8 rows and 16 columns (16 step for drum sequencing). When I press a particular button on my MIDI controller, it changes the matrixctrl to a particular preset, sets a tempo and starts the sequencing. However, I need to send some of the drum sequencer data to another program (Processing) over OSC. Basically I need a dump of the matrixctrl object data (on/offs) in one go.

I’ve tried using "getrow 0" and numerous combinations, but I have a "prepend getcolumn" in there trigger the drum sounds, so as soon as the sequencer starts running, the data in the message out is useless – it gets the row data for a split second and then starts spitting out the column data.

Alternatively to getting all the data in one go (ideal solution), I would also be happy to iterate throw each column and build the data that way – but I don’t know how to meaningfully combine strings.

Any ideas?

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