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Max 6 Vs Max5, can you reproduce this ? [Bug ?]

Nov 21 2011 | 12:27 pm

Hi All
here’s a jitter patch: its purpose is to load 12 images and route them into videoplanes.
In Max 5, the patch works just fine.
In max 6, it seems to be a "trame problem"
here’s the patch with results pictures,
can you reproduce what it seems to me a bug?

-- Pasted Max Patch, click to expand. --

[attachment=176926,2937] [attachment=176926,2938]

  1. Max6.png


Nov 21 2011 | 12:59 pm

Nope, no problems here. Everything seems to work as expected.

Win7 x64, Max6.0.1

Nov 21 2011 | 1:44 pm

hello ad.

i have the same problem here.
max 6.0.1,
mac osx 10.6.8

Nov 21 2011 | 2:36 pm

I’m on max 6.0.1,
mac osx 10.6.8 too…

Nov 21 2011 | 4:46 pm

same problem here


mac os 10.6.8

But I discovered something interesting, if you keep pressing the "load images" button three or four times, all of a sudden the images looks the way they are supposed to.

And after removing the "@colormode uyvy" on one of the and pairs that one loads fine directly,

Nov 22 2011 | 2:57 am

I’d shy away from using @colormode uyvy on GL objects, and use the cc.uyvy2rgba.jxs shaders on a slab before any video planes. That also means it will work well on PCs, which don’t have a native uyvy colorspace for textures.

Nov 22 2011 | 2:44 pm

ok !

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