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max crash using

Sep 09 2007 | 10:05 pm

Hello all,
I’ve allready posted a crash report about using TUIO fiducial recognition app and rendering some widget using jit.render .
I’ve re-write all from scratch using instead of All seems to work fine but I’m facing again crashes when moving too fast the fiducials (controling widget movements) !!!
Is it well-known around there that stuffs may crash when updating scene is too fast ?
I use the {erase , redraw all } loop each time the sends event . I delayed a bit the stream using speedlim but I lose some data for managing add/remove object …
Have you people some idea for me to fix those crash problem, or is it as-is and I have to wait for the next update of jitter …
I may use lcd instead of using , because widgets are simple geometric shapes, but how can I blend LCD with other movies or jit.matrix ? .

I gonna try also firewire external cam instead of USB … who knows !!

I attach the patch and it’s .js file, if some one please can have a look and report some tips ore mistake I made ; Thanks in advance. The js script is rough ( x,y from TUIo app not yet scaled for the screenworld , … ), but it does what it is supposed to do as a prototype.

If necessary I can also push the crash log .


MacBookPro 2.33GHz, 3GB of memory, Mac os X 10.4.10 , Max 4.6.3 with up-to-date Jitter,

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