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Max for Live and the Polybuffer~

Oct 26 2012 | 6:25 pm

Hi I’m working on a granular instrument in max for live and i’m wondering how I can set polybuffer~ to be a local buffer while used on a poly~ for playback. I know you can name your buffer~ —something to become local and then use that name for playback to create a unique id but when I use a polybuffer and set the buffername inside a poly~ then the buffer isnt loaded for example:

Polybuffer~ —granularbuffer is in the main patch
and then in the poly~ grainpoly 30 I set Play~ to —granularbuffer.1

This doesn’t seem to work, but when I remove the — it does.

Does anybody know how to solve this ? I would like to be able to create multiple instances of the device.

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