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max5 does not start (runtime works)

November 29, 2009 | 6:29 pm

Hi there!

When I try to open/double-click max nothing happens. I can see the process starting and disappearing after 2 seconds in the task manager (xp32). Runtime works normal. I might have had a previous max5 demo installed a year ago but I have done a complete re-installation in the meantime. Can anyone assist me?


November 29, 2009 | 6:32 pm

If the runtime runs properly, there’s a high probability that it’s a copy protection issue. Contact support [at] cycling74 [dot] com.

November 29, 2009 | 10:26 pm

I had the same problem a few days ago
and the Windows update called .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 seemed to solve the problem
hope this helps…

November 30, 2009 | 1:02 pm

It seems the issue is related to winXP32 and the latest max5.1 download. I managed to install max5.0.7 (which lets you choose between 32bit and 64bit) without any problems.

The latest max5.1 download works fine on winVISTA64. Could it be that the latest windows download comes as 64bit version only?

@Emmanuel: Thank you. I contacted the support.
@Florent: What OS are you using?

December 2, 2009 | 12:25 am

I’m running windows xp pro sp3 32bits.
Try to update Quicktime, Java, Pace/Interlok driver.
Then go on windows update website and update your os.
After a re-install, this last step for me was successful.
good luck

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