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midi to animated text

Nov 15 2013 | 8:02 am


just wondered what would be a good start to program midi data to text and transparency.
My intention would be to assign specific text and symbols to a certain midi value.

Step 1:
say c3 = red (written in red)

Step 2:
c3 gets any assigment (like symbols) in a artistic context during the piece.
0-10 sec: c3 = "a"
10-20 sec: c3 = "b"
20-30 sec c3 = "c"

Step 3:
This will be expanded to the chromatic scale. The values are shown on different spots on the screen.
Lets assume a Matrix positioning onscreen for this example:

c3 c#3 d3
d#3 e3 f4
f#3 g3 g#3
a3 a#3 b3

whereby the midi notes shown here are regarded as variables which shall display any kind of character (letter, symbols etc)

Step 4:
the velocity values control transparency of the assigned text and symbols.

Step 5:
Design part –
colouring and different font assignments should be implemented as well. Maybe assigned to different controllers.

The creation of this should react on live playing and midi files later on. As I am new to Max, it would be fine to get an impression of you more experienced guys out there what max would be capable on this project.It would help to make a decision to dive into more detailed myself.
Feel free to give some info on the programming of my concept which shows a very rough picture here.

I could imagine, it gets more detailed, when the capabilities in MAX become clearer to me…

Best regards

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