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MOTU ultralite driver problems

Mar 24 2009 | 2:36 pm

I apologize in advance if this is a dumb question but as a disclaimer I did read the audio in/out tutorial within the msp tutorials and also did a search of this topic on the forums first before posting.

I just got a new white macbook and downloaded the 30 day demo to learn and go through as many of the tutorials as I can to see if max is for me or not. I have learned a ton already and I can get sound in and out no problem with the internal mic and speakers (core audio driver)

I can not seem to setup my ultralite properly though. In Live and Reaktor I can setup the ultralite no problem. In my dsp status window I have the choice only for ‘Core audio Built in output.’ In the tutorial in msp there is the picture that shows one of the choices for "Core audio – duet" so I’m assuming I should see a "core audio – ultralite" choice but for some reason its not showing up. I went in to audio/midi setup utility in OSX and made sure the ultralite was picked for audio in and out. If I choose Core audio built in output I can choose ultralite for the input but it only lets me choose internal speaker for output.

Edit: Before submitting this message I closed max/msp and opened it back up. Now core audio motu ultralite is showing up and I can choose ultralite as the input device but I can not choose anything for input source or output destination.

A made a simple test patch of an ezadc~ to gain~ to ezdac~ and audio is going through and coming out the speakers from the mic but even if I turn off audio processing the sound is still coming out of the speakers. Am I crazy?Smile Any advice?

Thanks in advance for making me see the light,


Mar 24 2009 | 6:15 pm

Hi, when you say you turn off DSP and still hear sound, this sounds like the internal mixer of your Ultralite is programmed to send audio straight from the inputs to the outputs(this is a handy function of the Ultralite particularly if you want to use it in non-bus-powered standalone mode, but it can confuse you if you don’t remember that you’ve set some connections internally).

As for your driver problem not coming through in Max, sounds like you’ve got the driver fine but there is just an input/output problem? If I understand you correctly, there is no option for input and output destination within the DSP window? These are not necessary. If you want all 8 inputs from the MOTU, choose the driver from the DSP status window as you have done, and then you need do nothing else but create an adc~ object in your patch with the arguments 1 through 8 like so:

the adc~ will then show up with 8 inputs(or, rather, 8 ‘outlets’) and because you have your MOTU selected as the audio driver, these 8 inputs will reflect the inputs of your MOTU ultralite.
similarly, will access the 8 outputs of the MOTU Ultralite(or if you have the Ultralite setup properly internally, you can simply use (or ) and the 2 outputs(or ‘inlets’ on the dac~) that show up can reflect the 2 Main Outs of the Ultralite.

That’s all I have to do to get mine working, but for further info., from within Max5, go to the ‘Help’ Menu, choose ‘Max Help’ and then on the right side panel of the page that follows, there should be a link labelled, "Audio I/O" which details the DSP status window pretty well.

All in all, you shouldn’t have to do anything but choose the driver as you’ve done and then work directly in your patch(still hearing sound when DSP is off, though, is most likely due to your internal MOTU Ultralite mixer settings(you have volumes of inputs up and routed to main outs or something like that so check out the Ultralite manual on how to work the internal mixer)).

One more thing, it’s easiest just to have all your external hardware(MIDI, AUDIO, even video I/O) connected to your computer BEFORE you start up Max. Max doesn’t update the driver list if you turn on your MOTU while Max is running(registers everything properly and easiest upon application startup).
Hope that helps.

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