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mxj cannot load

Nov 22 2008 | 11:35 pm

Hai every body Iam newbe I have problem with mxj . Iam using eclipse.
My workspace folder is in C:Documents and SettingsTony Maryanaworkspacemaxbin

this I have aleady max edit for configuration

max.dynamic.jar.dir "C:Documents and SettingsTony Maryanaworkspacemaxbin"

Nov 23 2008 | 1:08 am

Try using max.dynamic.class.dir instead. If that doesn’t work, try following the instructions here:

Typically the eclipse bin folder is where it builds your class files, not jars. So it’s a class dir, not a jar dir.

Nov 23 2008 | 3:07 pm

thanks Adam I will try its

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