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No sound in my VA synth, please help !

Apr 22 2008 | 8:36 am

You should look more closely at your use of the gate object. I see
that you have a lot of them, and a lot of objects connected to the
control inlet – but nothing connected to the incoming data inlet. As
a result, nothing ever gets through your gates, and your line~ never
gets any data.

I didn’t do a thorough analysis, but that jumped out at me right away.

Darwin Grosse

Apr 22 2008 | 9:01 am

Again, i haven’t had a really good look, but there
isn’t anything going in to the gates in the VA
sub-patch, so there wont be anything coming out!
Btw, you might save yourself a little RSI by using
[sel 0 1 2 3] instead of [sel 0], [sel 1], [sel 2]


Apr 22 2008 | 9:08 am

Apr 22 2008 | 9:11 am

Thanks, the no gate input was the problem, and thanks for the selection advice !!!


Apr 22 2008 | 10:09 am

oops, wrong patch

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