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[NYC] LEMUR Summer Art/Tech classes begin in July

Jun 25 2007 | 12:17 am

LEMUR Summer Classes

LEMUR’s Summer Art & Technology classes start in July. For more info
and to sign up, go to


Pyrotronics: Pyrotechnics & Control for Artists
Mon-Wed, July 9-11, 6:30-9:30 pm
Instructor: Eric Singer

A practical guide for artists interested in working with and
controlling fire, especially in sculptural contexts. It will focus on
working with propane, though other fuels and materials will be
discussed as well. Topics covered will include safety, fuel
properties, flame port and pilot construction, electronic controls,
interfaces for programming and sequencing, valves and solenoids,
ignition techniques and more.

Cost: $300


Max Intensive: A Multifaceted Multimedia Approach
Sat-Sun, July 14-15, 12:00-4:30 pm
Instructor: Dana Karwas

This class will focus on the basics of Max/MSP
( and is intended for anyone
interested in incorporating Max/MSP into his or her work. No prior
experience with Max/MSP/Jitter or computer programming is required.
The class will feature an overview of digital sound processing,
sampling, basic digital sound synthesis, software techniques for
communicating with external devices, and interfacing with larger
physical and aural environments. The structure of the class will
follow a two-fold approach, aiming to provide a sufficient level of
programming skills while emphasizing concept by deconstructing
representative real word examples.

Cost: $300


Building MIDI Music & Video Controllers: Creating a Sensor Instrument
with MidiTron
Mon-Wed, July 16-18, 6:30-9:30 pm
Instructor: Leif Krinkle

Imagine waving your hand and having an orchestra at your fingertips
or tapping on a surface to explore a video archive. This is all
possible through the use of MIDI and sensor-based technology. In
three sessions, you will design and build a controller to create your
art with the easy-to-use MidiTron interface (

Emphasis will be on hands-on learning. Basic electronics and
Max/MSP/Jitter ( programming
will also be covered. No previous knowledge of electronics, sensors
or programming is assumed. Background information will be covered and
the bulk of the class will be focused on building a working
controller that you will take home and begin to create with. Examples
of previous project ideas include a shoe that creates notes for each
step and a glove that determines lighting cues in a theatrical
performance. This is of interest to Artists, Musicians, Dancers,
Actors, Engineers, Programmers, Lighting, Sound and Graphic Designers
and others.

Cost: $495 including MidiTron & sensors


Microcontroller Progamming for Artists: Introduction to the Arduino System
Mon-Wed, July 23-25, 6:30-9:30 pm
Instructor: Roberto Osorio-Goenaga

Have you ever wanted to build a robot or an interactive art
installation? Have you ever wondered how LEDs, sensors and motors
work? Through collaborative exercises and the development of a final
project you will learn how to program and prototype with an Arduino
microcontroller ( This class is geared towards
beginners, and no prior knowledge of electronics or programming is

This class will demonstrate programming and electronics basics
through hands-on microcontroller projects. You will learn digital and
analog input and output techniques for controlling motors and
interpreting sensors, as well as the programming skills necessary to
use these components effectively. We will also explore advanced
concepts in interface, motion and display based on student interest.
By the end of this class students will have a firm understanding of
how microcontrollers, sensors and actuators work and how to utilize
these tools in their own creative projects.

Cost: $375 including Arduino board & materials


Fun With Fiberglass: Basic Composite Fabrication
Thurs, July 26, 6:30-9:30 pm
Instructor: Bob Huott

Learn the skills and techniques used to build custom objects using
fiberglass and epoxy. Students will get hands-on experience in
various stages of the process, starting with sculpting a foam
pattern, followed by glass lay-up and final finishing. Materials will
include partially completed samples to work with so we can move
between stages without waiting for epoxy to cure. Discussion will
include ideas on how to integrate sensors, lighting or haptics into
any project, and students are encouraged to bring their own project
ideas to the class. Bob will also give a brief, inside-out tour of
the Bean, his own composite sensor-based musical instrument.

Cost: $115 including materials


Intro to Jitter: Video Processing in the
Max/MSP/Jitter Environment
Mon-Wed, July 30-Aug 1, 6:30-9:30 pm
Instructor: Joshua Goldberg

This is a three-session introduction to Jitter
(, Cycling ’74’s video & matrix
processing environment. On a very prosaic level, Jitter can be used
to build custom-tailored VJ applications, but even the most cursory
exploration demonstrates that this tool is capable of so much more.
Our class will cover those prosaic examinations, move into the much
more exciting realms of 3D OpenGL visualization and computer vision
techniques, and culminate in an exploration of the arcane realms of
synesthesia and visual music.

A basic familiarity with the Max programming paradigm is greatly
encouraged; this will be a very exciting, very fast-paced course.
However, smart and flexible people may be able to pick up the basics
as we go along.

Cost: $300

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