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OUTPUT from Jitter via BlackMagic cards

Mar 06 2010 | 11:22 pm

Under Mac osX:
No problem opening Intensity PRO card with jit.qt.videoout but only if it’s already not used by jit.qt.grab. I thought that BlackMagic cards can function in both ways at the same time. Is this Jitter, QuickTime or Intensity limitation? Any experience from anyone with DeckLink cards as I’m actually planning to use those?

Under Windows:
Since jit.qt.videoout is not supported and jit.dx.videoout can only output to a FireWire DV device, there’s is currently no way to get uncompressed output other than from GPU?

My first intent is to get SDI output which can be actually solved easily with a DVI->SDI converter from Matrox or BlackMagic. But further more, purist as I am, I don’t want it going trough a window on desktop. Even while in fullscreen on second monitor, it’s too easy to accidentally move the mouse or corner of other window over there. @floating and @fullscreen doesn’t seem to do the trick. Also on osX the Exposé function, which is really useful btw, screws up those fullscreen windows.

Mar 07 2010 | 6:04 am

can you describe in detail your setting?

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