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preset confusion

Sep 13 2010 | 5:42 pm

hi there, Noob4life kindly provided the attached patch for me (and thanks if youre reading this!).

I’m confused as to how to change the colours in the presets. I thought the correct way was to;

1)shift click one of the bubbles
2)move the colurs in the swatches
3)click on the bubble to recall

Is this wrong, it doesnt seem to work, noob4life has provided 2 presets for me but i cant modify or add more.. can anyone point me in right direction please..

Sep 13 2010 | 5:52 pm

you just have the order wrong, switch 1 and 2 in your ordering of operations:

1)move the colors in the swatches
2)shift click one of the bubbles(to save that setting)
3)click on the bubble to recall

(You’re very welcome! and thanks to seejayjames for wording it clearly)

[Edit: it’s slightly annoying but if you choose solid white or solid black, the swatch changes to greyscale display only(upon recall of that preset) and there seems no easy way to switch it back to full color spectrum(like an inspector setting, etc.), without sending red, green, or blue messages into one of the inlets or having a preset that already had color in it…. yuck, should just remain displaying color… i doubt it’s a CPU saving issue, either, it’s just a swatch…. oh well… just make sure you save a preset where it’s full color before going into some greyscale setting so you can easily get it back to full color… a non-issue in the patch i provided…]

*Never fear, Noob4Life was never here!*

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