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Problems with Jitter

Sep 17 2011 | 12:32 pm

Hi all, I´m having problems with Jitter. I reinstalled all Max MSP package several times and this doesn't work. It seems that some JItter objects aren´t installed because I see it "brown" when I use them in a patch. A simple example:

the jit.qt.grab objet. The .mxo is in the right folder, I can open the help file but the object doesn´t work anyway¡
Even I tried to copy paste this objects from another computer with Max MSP running smooth and clean.

For now jit.qt.grab and jit.change are not working, I guess they are not the only one which are not working.

Any ideas?

Thank you¡


  1. error.qt.grab.tiff


Sep 17 2011 | 11:35 pm

any chance you have an abstraction of the same name in the searchpath??? that would do the trick…

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