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Product announcement: Maestro 1.0 – Play. Learn. Sing.

Jun 03 2006 | 7:08 pm

I am happy to announce the release of Maestro 1.0 – an application developed using Max/MSP.

Maestro lets you play pre-configured songs by tapping the rhythm of the melody or other lead instruments of the song on the computer keyboard or on an attached midi keyboard. If you can sing or whistle a song you’ll be able to play it right away. Some songs contain lyrics which get displayed as you play the song. Maestro even gives you a score for your performance based on your timing.

Maestro can also help teach how to play the song notes if you have a Midi keyboard attached to your computer – under Maestro’s "learning mode" the program visually displays the next note/s to be played and will not "move on" until these note/s are played.

The songs are located on a remote server and are downloaded automatically when the user selects a song from the Maestro song list. Maestro updates its song list via the internet each time it runs so it is always up-to-date.

Currently there are around 150 songs in various languages, including some classical music too.

A Windows version of the software is available for immediate download. A Mac version will follow shortly.

I hope you give Maestro a test run and let me know what you think.

Happy Maxing,

Mr. Maestro

Jun 03 2006 | 7:36 pm

On 6/3/06 3:08 PM, "" wrote:


I tried to connect to your web site in hopes that you have included one of
my old favorites – Gesang der Jungling by Karlheinz Stickhausen but was
disappointed when my connection was refused.

Gary Lee Nelson
TIMARA Department
Oberlin College

Jun 03 2006 | 7:52 pm

We had some server issues but it seems to be ok now.

If you send me a Midi file of your favorite piece I’ll be happy to add it to the list :-)

In future versions of Maestro will plan to include a Midi file conversion utility that will let you create your own Maestro music mixes.

Mr. Maestro

Jun 03 2006 | 8:23 pm

Jun 03 2006 | 9:26 pm

As I recall, GdJ used Biblical texts (Book of Daniel, methinks). Most
(but not all!) bible translations are PD.

However, the tune is definitely under copyright.-

— P.

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Max/MSP Extremely cool

Jun 03 2006 | 9:54 pm

I do have a MIDI file but I had to quantize the rhythms to 4/4 and transpose
all of the notes to C major. Even then I can’t find guitar tabs for some of
the chords. The text is not a problem if you use only the vowels. Better
for general MIDI anyway.

Gary Lee Nelson
TIMARA Department
Oberlin College

Jun 03 2006 | 10:05 pm

This has been scintillating. I never really noticed how similar
Gesang was to Louie Louie. I hear that Madonna is going to cover it
on her next tour.

Bob Gluck

Robert J. Gluck

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Director, Electronic Music Studios
Affiliate faculty, Department of Judaic Studies
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"Some I know, the cawing crow and three pulsed dove that sounds a coo
nothing like a baby’s. Others I cannot name: trill-like-insect
sibilant-song and a gullet-throbbing call forced out by the staccato
notes that follow. It all comes together like a symphony. the passing
cars, notes with flags. counterpoint to the birds." (Susan
Robertson, ‘Morning Prayers’)

Jun 03 2006 | 11:52 pm

My offer still stands if you want to test drive Maestro with a particular tune. I can easily adapt any Midi file to the system.

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