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Program change messages to Kontakt4

Jan 24 2011 | 3:25 pm

Hi everyone,

maybe quite a noobie question yet I did try to send program change messages to Kontakt Player 4 trough those different ways :

– using Kontakt as stand alone and sending PC messages through [pgmout] with the right MIDI channel number and the right MIDI output port.

here Kontakt doesn’t look to receive anything

– using Kontakt as vst inside max and sending integers inside message boxes in order to change the program

here the vst object answers in the max window "Program 2 outside effect’s range"

All this whereas I’m using a Kontakt Bank that contains 10 different instruments and I did save 4 different Multi-Rack for Kontakt in case of PC messages could have been understood by Kontakt as change Multi-Rack preset.

Furthermore I found on Native Instruments forum that a PC change message should give the possibility to scroll between the different instruments inside the same Kontakt Bank.

Any idea about the way to have Kontakt correctly receiving PC messages from Max ?
Then maybe someone knows how to send messages to change dynamicaly the (audio) output number of an instrument or to scroll between Multi-Rack presets ?

Thanks for your time and advice,

Jan 24 2011 | 7:46 pm

Sending program changes to Kontakt as vst~ in Max works well for me.

Make sure the messages are in correct format.

For example,

[midievent 192 5]

means channel 1, program 5 (resp. 6 in Kontakt as it starts counting from 1).

Jan 25 2011 | 11:13 am

It’s weird it’s the exact thing I did try at last, certainly did something wrong.
Still it didn’t work until I did create another new instrument bank (I’m gonna try to figure out what was wrong because I do not understand)

Anyway, thank you very much


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