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Random Function next Friday, 24th of August, at the Watershed, Bristol

Aug 17 2007 | 3:26 pm


next Random Function’s experimental music gathering
will be themed around Bristol’s celebration of the
bicentenary of the Abolition Act, making slavery

Peddy G, a band from the West Indies, is specially
invited to perform at this month’s RF and will also
join in at our ritual end-of-evening-jam.

Performers are hereby invited to play at this night
and have themselves heard among the experimental music
The theme is:
"Slavery", "Injustice", "Discrimination", "Racism".
Be creative.

For all those who do not perform, but would like to
listen to the music: The entrance is free. Just
collect a free ticket at the box office.

-please arrive at 6.30pm at the Watershed Media Centre
(panels will guide you to the performance place within
the centre) for a soundcheck.
VJ’s: please feel welcome also.

We would be grateful if you could let us know whether
you are interested to play in advance via our forum on so we can set up a
gig-chronology for the evening.

If you are coming from further afield and need
accomodation for one night, please get in contact via
the forum and we might be able to arrange something
for you.

-please arrive at 8pm for enjoyment.

All the best,


Nota bene:

The Watershed Media Centre is in the centre of

Random Function’s website:

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