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Save arrays with live set

May 08 2012 | 7:32 am

May 08 2012 | 8:01 am

May 10 2012 | 8:02 am

Hey There!
I deleted my previous posts here (sorry I can’t make em go away) after finding the "save" function in "Basic Techniques" – now I’m back because it still won’t work. Meanwhile, it’s not about saving 2D-Arrays anymore, just about saving _anything_. I copied the code of the tutorial, still: nope. Please help, it’s my first week with JS. So, this is the code:


autowatch = 1;
var numcowbells = 1;

function cowbells(a)
numcowbells = a;

function save()
embedmessage("cowbells", numcowbells);

function frag()

Function frag ist just for checking.
The first time it actually saved the number I put in the cowbells function, that was it. Since then I always get back that first number (5 if you wanna know ;)).

What I tried: Reopening the patcher, reopening max, reopening Live, reopening Live and Max, Saving the device and reloading it, saving the device as a preset and reloading it and so on, all with and without autowatch. It keeps returning that initially saved number 5, all other numbers after that won’t be saved. I checked that "cowbells" changed with the frag-function everytime.

I know this is easy. That’s why I’m near tears by now. Please help.

Oh and about that 2D-Array I originally intended to save: Please let me know if that’s a good idea.

Thanks a lot,

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