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Send / receive local to patcher

Sep 19 2013 | 10:52 am

I’m working on a set of MFL devices to control individual Live tracks. It’s gonna be something like an alternative Launchpad session-mode thing. I need one of these devices on every track.

In performance mode I can use the send/receive mechanism to transfer messages if I place — in front of the channel name. But if I place two or more of these devices in edit mode (which is native Max 6) then the — construct is not supported, resulting in signals leaking from one device to another.

The #0 mechanism is of no help because it only works within an abstraction

I learned about this inconsistent behaviour on forum after a few hours of desparate debugging. Thanks broc ;-)

@Cycling ’74: please give us a send / receive mechanism which can be applied local to a device or a patcher in a consistent manner.



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