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'Spectral Blurring' – Live?

April 14, 2014 | 3:32 am


I recently came across ‘Play Blur’ by Jean-francois Charles.

Since the way it works is to record audio into a buffer and then manipulate it that way, I want to use it in a realtime setting. How would I do this? I’m a Max/MSP newbie. :)


April 14, 2014 | 8:27 am

instantaneous blurring is impossible, or at least highly impractical. You need *some* material to blur, therefore there has to be some buffering, even if it’s only 20ms. You could easily adapt JF’s patches to trigger blurring once a temporal or other threshold is passed. JF uses a manual trigger in those videos just to demonstrate the possibilities . . .

This patch shows some examples of various threshold triggers to freeze your live input


— Pasted Max Patch, click to expand. —
April 14, 2014 | 8:35 am


and you might want to review his patches ‘in order’ as it were:

before trying to hack "play-blur". This approach will make things simpler and clearer. And the "freeze-slide" patch is very accessible too.


April 14, 2014 | 9:40 am

Hi Brendan,

Thanks very much for your input, the reason why I was jumping straight to ‘play blur’ was because some of the tutorial files do not want to open on my system for some unknown reason but turns out the file extensions were somehow deleted. I will look at them now, thanks for the help! :)


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