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standalones open twice!?

October 24, 2009 | 6:12 pm


every time i open a newly created standalone, the frontwindow (as well as the contained subs) opens twice. first i thought of some scripting problems caused by the patch, but it turned out that this happens in any case, even with small testpatches. by searching the forum i found the comments on period characters in patchnames that can cause this effect, but this doesnt seems to be the point in this case Smile

i am using max 5.0.8 on OSX 10.5.8 on a macbook, but a try with max 4.6.3 (on the same machine) shows the same result….

any suggestions?



October 25, 2009 | 9:46 am


the problem is solved.

the name of the patch was written in capital letters. this seems to be a bug. i guess the testpatches have shown the same results because i didn´t relaunch max after trying to get the capital letter version to run….

thanks anyway,


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