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The kslider and the coll objects.

Oct 18 2008 | 11:53 am

Can someone suggest a more efficient way of the following:

I select one or more notes on the kslider which then get fed into a coll object.

The coll object can then be told to output a random note (as a number) based on the kslider data fed into it?

This is the method I currently use, but as you can see it is not efficient. Although it works, it sends out too much data for one random selection.

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Oct 18 2008 | 6:29 pm

There are a few problems with your patch. You aren’t getting random numbers from your [coll] because you are always sending the "next" message. You are sometimes getting more than one value because your [uzi] is triggering "next" between 1 and 4 times as set by the [random] object.

Here is the method I would attempt using [table] instead of [coll] because [table] outputs a random number from its contents on receiving a bang. I have also added a simple method of octave scaling. If you are interested in generating "random" music in this way I would suggest looking at Karlheinz Essl’s Real Time Composition Library which is a number of abstractions and externals for creating generative music. It is very helpful if you want to explore creating more "musical" melodic and rhythmic patterns. You can find a link to download it on


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Oct 18 2008 | 8:11 pm

The table object… Brilliant!

I am familiar with the Essl Realtime Library but I’m not gonna use it for this patch.

Thanks for the info and your help. :)

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