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ubumenu prefix path

Sep 08 2007 | 12:50 am

I have an issue with the prefix names in ubumenu, and harddrive/
folder names. The problem is that if you have to put quotes around a
pathname with spaces, but if you put quotes around a path name
without spaces, it screws up and can’t find the path. This makes it
difficult to find a solution for both cases. Some simple play with
path names, quotes, spaces, and the ubumenu, will bring this
situation to light fairly quickly. If anyone needs more direction on
how to recreate this problem, I can throw together something, but all
you really need is the ubumenu help file.

I guess its a Max Force Five Feature request. Make quotes work in
some logical way.


Barry Threw
Media Art and Technology

San Francisco, CA Work: 857-544-3967
IM: captogreadmore (AIM)

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