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Using matrices in sequencing

Jan 20 2008 | 9:27 pm

Hi all, and sorry if I am flogging a dead horse here,

I am well under way in a step sequencing project that stores all note
data inside Jitter matrices. My immediate concern is going from a
frame-based system to a timing-critical one:

Right now I am using simple [getcell $1 $2] commands to retrieve the
data I need, but will doing a call like that 16 times per step be
efficient enough? The sequencer is a 16×16 grid.

Another method that might be considered is shifting and then splitting
the sequencer data with something like
jit.rubix->jit.scissors->jit.spill. Even though this would involve more
jitter objects it would allow me to grab all 16 sequencer "rows" in one
go – but will the timing be there?

Anyway, again, sorry for brain-storming out loud, but I would really
appreciate any feedback here, since building both systems and then
comparing them seems like quite an enormous task.


Jan 30 2008 | 11:10 pm

Hi Andreas!

Iam in the same shoes as you, Ive build an 1024(16th) x 128(midi pitch) stepsequencer in max with jitter matrixes. When I am doing anything with any max window, I mean moving around etc especially with the patches window, I get serious timing problems, but using [el.samm~] a sample accurate metronome from Lyon Potpourri gives me a tighter groove.

I read the data with getcell in a combination with uzi and counter and the timing is ok, I mean my midi monitor app reports polyphonic events in the same time. However when Ive put a third dimension for the midi channel, and use a x16 uzi to every x128 pitch in every 16th....Ive got a serious cpu overload…It means reading from a matrix 2048 times in each 16th step. I just use 16th rather than 16th of a 16th, If i got your question well…

Please look at my patch there:
Download the file. It`s made for the korg padkontrol, but maybe you can get an idea in the [p matrix] patcher.

I also have a question: can I read or how can I read data from a matrix if I just want to read just those points that has got values greater than zero ? I mean to read just those who has a velocity value > 0 ?

because that way I can put a third dimension for all the 16 midi channel, to be able to drive 16 different instruments at the same time…..

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