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x64 VIDEO CODECS for MAX x64

Mar 28 2013 | 7:33 pm

Hi !
What codec should I use for in MAX x64 ?
I need a workable reverse play & bounce mode.


I use MJPEG codec 720x576 (keyframe-every frame).
on Win7x64 @MSI GT60 notebook for gamers with Corei7-3610QM & NV670MGTX3Gb+Intel4000.

Nice working for simple play is
LAV filters x64
OR !!!

You can Google them.

For codecs management (merit change & register/unregister) i use
graphedt x64
(my favorite - GSPOT works only with x32 codecs)

We must remember : x64 soft use only x64 video/audio codecs !

MAX, unlike graphedt 64, strangely does not respond to changes in merits and does not react to ban the use of certain codecs :(

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