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xray.ji.water on GPU with

May 01 2012 | 3:00 pm

Hello all,
it’s 4 days that I’m working on this patch and it’s almost working but i need your help to finish it,
I’m trying to port on GPU the nice Wesley Smith object X-ray.jit.water object
but there is an error I don’t know where

here’s the code of the object and after my patch,
can anyone help me to finish this patch?

Thank you

NOTE: starting from a single white pixel the first iteration gives same result of X-ray.jit.water but from second iteration the result is different.

for(j=1; j < width-1; j++) {
fop[j] = fip1[j] + dampFactor*(fip1[j] – prev_fp[j] )
– timeSpaceFactor*fip2[j]*(4*fip1[j] – fip1[j-1] – fip1[j+1] – fip1_up[j] – fip1_down[j]
+ 0.5*(4*fip1[j] – fip1_up[j-1] – fip1_up[j+1] – fip1_down[j-1] – fip1_down[j+1] ));

CLIP(fop[j], -1, 1);

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May 03 2012 | 10:25 am

Ok, I found the error, the iteration need 2 time past.

Here I share my patch x.ray.jit.water porting on
it’s not perfect but works ;)
hope someone can use it as starting point.

P.S. Some admin can change the thred title to "[SHARE] xray.jit.water on GPU with"?

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