Jul 12 2013 | 7:25 am
    Hi Friends! I recently got my hands on a little Doepfer Modular and have been trying out sending it different kinds of signals from max thru my motu mk3. There seems to be multiple threads about this principle but I have not found one that seems really comprehensive... so, I wanted to suggest we make a sort of library of Control Voltage ideas in Max.... Cheers!

    • Jul 12 2013 | 7:34 am
      to control the voltage you would need to modulate the settings of the driver software, which seems impossible.
    • Jul 12 2013 | 8:42 pm
      You're out of your element, Donny.. .erh, I mean Roman.
      Cocamon: Stretta already did a voltage library. It's on github, and it has the whole bit.
    • Jul 13 2013 | 2:08 am