Ways of making jit.gl.sketch look better...

    Apr 01 2012 | 4:29 pm
    Hi guys,
    So basically I am creating a project in which a "painting" action sends x,y,z positions to jit.gl.sketch using stroke commands, and creates curves.
    However jit.gl.sketch doesn't exactly look great, and so I was wondering if anyone has managed to get it looking nice? I'm preferably looking for something which emulates a brush, or something near.
    I have scoured the forums, and found really nice solutions with mgraphics and javascript (jsui-splinethings), but I have no idea when it comes to these languages.
    I could of course learn these languages, but I only need to (if I'm not mistaken), send the stroke commands to an object, javascript or mgraphics to generate nicer looking strokes.
    I have looked at js-splinestuff, the mgraphics patch-a-day and a lot of other stuff, but i was wondering if anyone had found any mgraphics patches, or JavaScript objects which receive and draw stroke commands (like those for jit.gl.sketch), and output them with a brush effect, or at least something nicer than jit.gl.sketch.
    I do have code but it requires a Kinect, is a mess, and a little bit temperamental at the minute.

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      *That awkward moment when someone posts a patch you looked at and dismissed the first time, and now realise how it's actually ideal*
      Haha, thanks very much, I think this probably will be the best option for me.
    • Apr 02 2012 | 12:16 pm
      Hello again,
      I was wondering if you have explored/ know how to apply the texture being generated in this patch to a jit.gl.sketch object, instead of the gridshape. I've had a try and jit.gl.sketch seems to receive the color of the texture, but not its alpha data. I've had a look into blend_modes but I don't understand them that well when it comes to jit.gl.sketch.