Which sound settings

    Mar 22 2006 | 7:08 pm
    Hi there.
    Please excuse all the terrible technical wording im about to make, coding of all forms is completly new to me even this very visual form.
    Im am looking to track sound to effect the loop points of a movie (heh you may have seen this before). Ive read through tutorial 28 and I think I have a moderate grasp of peakamp and the event detection that provides the input for jit.op. I've also read a little about the sub patches used in the tutorial.
    However I am not looking to track notes or events just the amount of sound (Volume). My sound input will be a microphone in a room that will either be empty or full of people (more people hopefully =more noise = a different loop point on the movie is set.
    I assume this means replacing peakamp~ with soemthing else and then removing the event and note detection completly that is the screens and objects in the lower right of the tutorial
    My questions are:
    what do i replace peakamp~ with are my assumptions correct
    Once again, thanks in advance

    • Mar 27 2006 | 3:02 pm
      heh, so its taken me a few days to realise how stupid this question was
      Thanks anyway, for not ridiculing me i guess lol