Cycling '74 Features Software Update For JazzMutant Lemur At AES

    AES • San Francisco, CA • October 6, 2006 - Cycling '74 today demonstrated the recently released version 1.5 software for JazzMutant Lemur control surface. The update is available via download to all current Lemur customers. New software features in version 1.5 allow the Lemur to control many popular DAWs including Logic, Digital Performer, Live and Cubase.
    JazzMutant Lemur is a hardware controller for new media applications featuring a proprietary multitouch LCD touchscreen. The Lemur uses OSC messages to communicate with a Windows or Mac host computer over 100-base T Ethernet. Version 1.5 features an improved JazzEditor that provides more efficient design tools and improved routing of control data -- MIDI and OSC -- to media applications. Thanks to the Lemur's extended MIDI control capabilities, audio software applications can update the user interface display while the touch surface is being used. This allows the Lemur to function as a flexible two-way control surface.

    About Cycling '74

    Cycling '74 creates and distributes Mac OS and Windows software and hardware for audio, video, and new media innovators. Products include the Max/MSP/Jitter graphical programming environment, the Pluggo, Mode and Hipno collections of Max/MSP-based audio plug-ins, the Radial loop-based composition and performance system, the Octirama and UpMix advanced surround design tools, and the interactive algorithmic composition program M. Cycling '74 also releases creative musical works through their c74 recording label and audio source libraries for musicians, sound designers and media producers through its Cycles series.
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    Cycling '74, 379A Clementina Street, San Francisco, CA 94103, 415-974-1818,

    About JazzMutant

    Based in Bordeaux, France, JazzMutant creates human machine interfaces for real-time applications. Its flagship product, the Lemur, is the first programmable multi-touch control surface and is in use by new media artists worldwide.