Max for Live Presentation at Expo '74

    One of the best experiences of the last year was attending the Expo ’74 conference. As some have already stated, it was refreshing to be part of a gathering that didn’t require an explanation of what Max did, and I never felt like I needed to be ashamed about my excitement over a patching trick.
    In addition to attending, I also gave a presentation about programming with Max for Live. Fortunately, the presentations were recorded; even more fortunately, Andrew Benson was kind enough to edit my talk and remove most of the embarrassing moments. In this presentation, I spoke directly to people that were already familiar with Max, explained some of the details of working within the Live environment, and provided some tips about how to design an effective Live device. Hopefully this will whet your appetite for working with the Max/Live combo!

    Part One

    Expo '74 Conference: Darwin Grosse presents Max for Live (Part One)

    Part Two

    Expo '74 Conference: Darwin Grosse presents Max for Live (Part Two)