Xray.jit objects released

    Wesley Smith writes:
    The xray.jit objects were created to extend the functionality of jitter for particular projects I have worked on. As such, some of the objects are quite specific to my needs at the time. There are, however, some objects that are good for everyday patching. The objects I use the most are xray.jit.timecube, xray.jit.grid2tri, and xray.jit.quicksort.
    I have divided the objects into several broad categories pertaining to Geometry, Data, Video, and Simulation. The Geometry objects deal more with OpenGL situations. The Data objects operate on jitter matrices without consideration for what that data necessarily represents and are more geared toward the general matrix format. The Video objects on the other hand mostly deal with data that is in one of the common video formats such as 1 plane char or 4 plane char. Finally, the Simulation objects do physical simulation of some sort.
    You can find them (and an example makefile for Windows developers) @ http://www.mat.ucsb.edu/~whsmith/xray.html