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    Available Max Packages

    Sadam Library

    Adam Siska | Website
    More info

    Tools for raw networking (TCP/UDP), data handling (XMLs, compression etc), maths (interpolation, number theory etc) and more!


    Benjamin Van Esser | Website
    More info

    Upshot is a package of audio effects, event generators, trackers, instruments and many other tools/utilities for building generative patchers.

    jk.push 2

    Jeff Kaiser | Website
    More info

    jk.push 2 is a set of abstractions made with standard Max objects for interacting with Ableton’s Push within the Max environment. Please note: This package moves to argument-based abstractions and is not compatible with versions 1.1 and earlier of jk.push. There are a variety of example patches in the Max Extras Menu. If you have any questions, please contact me at These and other packages/patches can be downloaded from


    Vidvox | Website
    More info

    Jitter external that renders ISF files to OpenGL textures.


    Daniele Ghisi | Website
    More info

    dada: computer-aided composition and score generation for experimental, non-standard musical practices and research. IMPORTANT: requires you have installed the packages Bach v0.8.1 and Cage v0.6 or higher.

    HISSTools Impulse Response Toolbox (HIRT)

    Alex Harker, Pierre Alexandre Tremblay, CeReNeM, The University of Huddersfield | Website
    More info

    A set of tools for working with convolution and impulse responses in Max. This set of objects addresses various tasks, including realtime zero-latency convolution, measuring impulse responses, spectral display from realtime data or buffers, and buffer-based convolution, deconvolution and inversion.


    Cycling '74 | Website
    More info

    The GL3 package brings support for OpenGL core profile and modern GLSL to the Jitter rendering engine.


    IRL Labs | Website
    More info

    A library of machine learning externals and feature extraction externals for Max and Pure Data. ml-lib is primarily based on the Gesture Recognition Toolkit by Nick Gillian


    Jeyong Jung, Johan van Kreij, Peter Pabon, Sohrab Motabar | Website

    Delicious Tutorials

    Sam Tarakajian | Website
    More info

    The Delicious Max tutorial series, as a Max package


    Cycling '74 | Website
    More info

    Zero-configuration networking for Max.


    Cycling '74 | Website
    More info

    Lightweight reference implementation of a package built using the Min-API.