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    Available Max Packages

    The QAC Toolkit

    Omar Costa Hamido | Website
    More info

    Abstractions and externals for Quantum Computing with Max.

    Max Hardware Library

    Matthew Hamilton | Website
    More info

    Library of utility objects for MaxMSP aimed at interacting with electronics hardware like Arduino via Bluetooth

    CidLink For Max

    Enrico Pietrocola | Website
    More info

    A room based, easy to setup, real-time server/client communication system built for the internet, reliable connections even on mobile networks.

    XY Coordinates Generator Pack

    Daniele Fabris | Website
    More info

    A collection of tools to generate XY coordinates in gen~. Exploring different methods to interact with movements, trajectories and location in a two dimensional space.


    Jeff Kaiser | Website
    More info

    jk.softstep v3 is a set of abstractions made with standard Max objects for interacting with Keith McMillen Instrument’s SoftStep within the Max environment. Please note: This package moves to attribute-style arguments in the abstractions and is not compatible with prior versions. There are example patches in the Max Extras Menu, as well as illustrative help files for each abstraction. If you have any questions, please contact me at These and other packages, patches, and Max for Live plugins can be downloaded from


    IRL Labs | Website
    More info

    A library of machine learning externals and feature extraction externals for Max and Pure Data. ml-lib is primarily based on the Gesture Recognition Toolkit by Nick Gillian


    CNMAT | Website
    More info

    Dynamic programming environment for OSC in Max

    Sound Design Toolkit

    Stefano Delle Monache, Stefano Baldan, Stefano Papetti, Marco Tiraboschi | Website
    More info

    A framework for ecologically founded sound synthesis and design. Think of it as a virtual Foley-box!


    Karlheinz Essl et al. | Website
    More info

    Realtime Composition Library: a versatile toolbox for algorithmic composition and generative music in realtime. Offers the possibility to experiment with a number of compositional techniques, such as serial procedures, permutations and controlled randomness.

    gen~ Plugin Export

    Cycling '74 | Website
    More info

    Export VSTs, Audio Units, and iOS applications from gen~ using the JUCE framework.


    Cycling '74 | Website
    More info

    Filtering toolbox and resources for audio, visuals, smoothing, and control.


    Jean-Marc Pelletier | Website
    More info

    A collection of max/msp/jitter externals, abstractions and help files for computer vision applications originally authored by Jean-Marc Pelletier.