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    Found in the File menu, the Package Manager is a simple interface that provides access to new content and allows you to manage your existing installed packages.

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    Packages can include but aren't limited to any of the following: Tools, objects, patches, or other content.
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    Available Max Packages


    Cycling '74 | Website
    More info

    Max Java Support


    Nick Hwang, Eric Sheffield, Anthony T. Marasco | Website
    More info

    Max Client for a server-based collaborative tool meant to connect creative apps including Max, PD, Arduino, Unity, etc. Contains modules to use Collab-Hub with Max, implemented with Node4Max: Chat, Rooms, Observe, etc. Visit for more information for other clients.

    HISSTools Impulse Response Toolbox (HIRT)

    Alex Harker, Pierre Alexandre Tremblay, CeReNeM, The University of Huddersfield | Website
    More info

    A set of tools for working with convolution and impulse responses in Max. This set of objects addresses various tasks, including realtime zero-latency convolution, measuring impulse responses, spectral display from realtime data or buffers, and buffer-based convolution, deconvolution and inversion.

    Eventide H9000

    Eventide Audio | Website
    More info

    Support for the H9000 multi-fx processor using Gen.


    Tim Shatnyy | Website
    More info

    Modular-Synth package for your algorithmic composition.

    Jitter Tools

    Cycling '74 | Website
    More info

    Jitter Tools - utilities and abstractions to extend Jitter

    The QAC Toolkit

    Omar Costa Hamido | Website
    More info

    Abstractions and externals for Quantum-computing Aided Composition with Max.

    Max Hardware Library

    Matthew Hamilton | Website
    More info

    Library of utility objects for MaxMSP aimed at interacting with electronics hardware like Arduino via Bluetooth


    Cycling '74 | Website
    More info

    Filtering toolbox and resources for audio, visuals, smoothing, and control.

    CidLink For Max

    Enrico Pietrocola | Website
    More info

    A room based, easy to setup, real-time server/client communication system built for the internet, reliable connections even on mobile networks.


    Christopher Poovey | Website
    More info

    A suite of granulation tools that are multichannel and sample accurate.

    gen~ Plugin Export

    Cycling '74 | Website
    More info

    Export VSTs, Audio Units, and iOS applications from gen~ using the JUCE framework.