Max Packages

    A hand-picked selection of the finest Max add-ons


    Cycling '74

    Collaborative objects in Max to work with Ableton Link.


    Graham Wakefield

    Virtual Reality HMDs for Max


    Rob Ramirez

    The VIDDLL package installs a Jitter video engine adapter for, allowing file playback via the VIDDLL library. VIDDLL is an interface and set of utilities for cross platform, high performance, random access video playback. VIDDLL is copyright Paul Bamborough and Julian Storer. This software uses code of FFmpeg - - licensed under the LGPLv2.1 - - and its source can be downloaded here -


    Cycling '74

    The OWL package is a collection of patches formatted and ready to be uploaded directly to your Rebel Technology OWL hardware device. These patches include essential formatting details to address the I/O and psychical hardware controls on your device. The OWL WATCHER patch allows you to seamlessly upload Max patches directly to your device from within the Max patching environment.

    Patter Tools

    Adam Florin

    Patter Tools contains a minimal generative sequencer based on the Max For Live device Patter, as well as supporting externals and patchers.


    Charlie Roberts and Graham Wakefield

    Live coding Max from the browser.


    Cycling '74

    Hap Video Engine for highly efficient realtime video playback. Intended for use with videos encoded with VIDVOX's open source Hap codec.


    Kevin Kripper

    A series of modules built around Gen that together make a modular video synthesizer. With a Beap/Vizzie feel, the Vsynth introduces video synthesis and image processing with the efficiency of hardware-accelerated processes.

    Cycling '74

    A series of objects for generative motion graphics in Jitter, optimized for use with and The objects provide smooth time-varying animations that sync to the context.


    V.J. Manzo

    The EAMIR Software Development kit allows users to build their own custom composition and performance applications for use with just about any control interface. This kit, associated with the EAMIR charity project ( contains modular pieces of working code that, when strung together, quickly enable users to creative systems that focus on music education, composition, and performance. Included in this SDK are the Modal Object Library, a collection of objects for creating and working with diatonic modes and harmony within Max, and the V Objects helper abstractions.


    A collection of audio objects made for sample-precision polyphonic granulation.


    Manuel Poletti

    AudioMix is a small collection of audio patch blocks that may facilitate the building of simple virtual mixing consoles for your audio patches

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