49 Projects tagged with "algorithmic"

  • A strange letter sent in 1943 by a certain Prof.

  • Compositor Lite

    Compositor Lite may be thought purely as a delay network made in its entirety in Gen.

  • Bracken Tongues Wept

    This work by composer/performer Matthew Goodheart for piano and autonomous viola and metal percussion was commissioned for the 2014 Arts Birthday Celebration in Prague, Czech Republic.

  • Max-controlled robotic carillon

    The Ealing Feeder is a Max controlled 28-note polyphonic, robotic carillon (automatic bell-playing rig).

  • Reanimating WWII submarine HMS Alliance

    Max is behind this ever-changing 50 channel sound installation which reanimates the last surviving WWII era submarine with sound. Based in Gosport, UK, HMS Alliance is a thing of wonder: the last surviving WWII submarine.

  • Boosty – Velotone EP

    Note velocity applied to a filter cutoff frequency is a first sound principle, which leads the artist to understanding of different timbre types.

  • Compositor v2

    Technology and people are ready for a great leap in the music industry to refuse from hard work producing and performing electronic dance music.

  • Sonic Shuffle | The App Release

    Sonic Shuffle The App Release is not just an album, but an interactive application entirely conceived and written in MAX/Msp by Domenico Sciajno; a composing and remixing tool where each composition can be endlessly transformed by the listener’s actions and choices or through algorithmic automation or a combination of both. An innovative, interactive release featuring music created from a graphic score by Domenico Sciajno performed by a 48-member electronic orchestra, with some of the most remarkable musicians in the electro-acoustic and experimental music field: Yasuhiro Morinaga, Carlos "Zingaro", David Brown, Francesco Giomi, Franz Hautzinger, Chris Brown, Lawrence English, Toshimaru Nakamura, Phill Niblock, Frank Bretschneider, Gunter Müller, Oren Ambarchi, Lionel Marchetti, Kim Cascone, Asmus Tietchens, Ivan Zavada, Vladislav Delay, Alvin Curran, Daniel Schorno, Michael J.

  • UNV4 ||||||| TEKTONE

    TEKTONE ======= Interactive Audio-Visual instalation. 20sq.m of LED panels.

  • Compositor

    Compositor is the bottom-up sound synthesis and rhythm generation software suitable for techno and new age genres.

  • sjseq

    sjseq creates algorithmic variations on basic drum patterns.

  • PROJECT 1111

    PROJECT 1111 is both an audio/visual piece and a live performance containing 4 sub-pieces (0001, 0010, 0100 and 1000) Project 1111 is an exploration of randomness through sounds & visuals. Each source of sounds and visuals generated is based on chance.

  • Fragile Territories

    Installation for four white lasers and sound Powerful laser beams draw a floating white object on a thirty meter wide and six meter high wall in a completely dark space, slowly evolving shapes, edges and curves of shimmering, pulsating light. Sometimes the shapes are barely visible, sometimes they explode into extreme brightness.

  • Analog synth jam video featuring Paia Fatman connected via MIDI to Percussa AudioCubes via improvisor, free generative music software. Improvisor is an application that was built in Max/MSP 5 and which uses the free external for Max/MSP, to communicate with audiocubes hardware.

  • Algorithmic Music Generator: Beep Bleep ZOMG!

    Techniques used in Max/MSP in Creating: Beep Bleep ZOMG!   When I decided to use Max/MSP to compose my piece: Into the Metaverse on some cosmological Bubble, I was very daunted at what I should do.

  • The Uncanny Sequencer for Ableton Live

  • drawn only once

    the music of john supko performed by due east In drawn only once, Due East (Erin Lesser, flutes / Greg Beyer, percussion) features two of John Supko’s multimedia projects, Littoral and This Window Makes Me Feel, presented in both CD and 5.1 surround-sound DVD formats.

  • nwdlbots (pronounced noodlebots)

    nwdlbots are a suite of generative music devices for Ableton Live.

  • Kaleidoscope Music

    Kaleidoscope Music is a six channel, real-time, algorithmic sound installation.

  • Petri is a sample player that generates its own sequences and selects up to eight random samples from a folder of your choosing.

  • Untight is a band consisting of touch guitarist Alexander Dowerk and electronic musicians Bernhard Wöstheinrich and Tobias Reber.

  • Programming Max 5

    The Programming Max 5 Interactive Course is an innovative way of learning Max 5 that can be used as a self-teaching set of quality tutorials or as teaching material for classes and computer labs. UNIT 1 is available here Follow Us Like Us Features • First interactive course on Max/MSP/Jitter programming built entirely in Max 5 • 100+ patchers per Unit covering Max’s theoretical framework and including practical examples, exercises, videos and more...

  • Backup Aura

    "Backup Aura" is an album of electronic music consisting of six compositions that make use of the computer as a feedback tool for extending the ideas and intuitions of the composer.

  • Pivoted Limbs

    Pivoted Limbs is an electronic music EP recorded at my home studio.

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