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  • The advent of the computer has provided composers with the ability to produce absolutely any sonic material within the human range of hearing.


    VOICES OF UMEÅ: SINGING INSTRUMENTS! is an exhibition with a bunch of interactive instruments built from everyday objects, with the purpose of exploring experimental music composition through a playful and inspiring process.

  • Bracken Tongues Wept

    This work by composer/performer Matthew Goodheart for piano and autonomous viola and metal percussion was commissioned for the 2014 Arts Birthday Celebration in Prague, Czech Republic.

  • Max-controlled robotic carillon

    The Ealing Feeder is a Max controlled 28-note polyphonic, robotic carillon (automatic bell-playing rig).

  • Boosty – Velotone EP

    Note velocity applied to a filter cutoff frequency is a first sound principle, which leads the artist to understanding of different timbre types.

  • Handcrafted Ale for beer and computer Composer & performer: Eric Honour After my family, my two great loves in the world are music technology and high-quality beer.

  • Lucky Dip

  • Mendelssohn Museum Effektorium

    Description The centerpiece of the newly reopened Mendelssohn Museum is the interactive media installation "Effektorium".

  • Compositor v2

    Technology and people are ready for a great leap in the music industry to refuse from hard work producing and performing electronic dance music.

  • Crayonada’s Hat

    My most recent composition, written for Max/MSP and Ableton Live. The audio samples I utilized were actually the individual tracks from a previous composition of mine, called Crayonada (hence the title).

  • geneSynth

    geneSynth explores genetic algorithms, multi-agent control, interactivity in music and the simulation of autonomous flocks or agents.

  • Sound Chopper

    Sound chopper is a stand alone application that allows you to manipulate pre-recorded sound through is different sound effects such us pitch shifter, reverb and delay, looper etc...

  • Compositor

    Compositor is the bottom-up sound synthesis and rhythm generation software suitable for techno and new age genres.

  • Generative Animation: 2nd July

  • Cartography – Interactive Map

    Cartography is an interactive sound and visual composition based on the map of a former mining village in the South Wales Valleys, Treherbert. Inspired by its cultural heritage and the effects of industry on its natural landscapes; Cartography invites an audience to explore Treherbert on an interactive map surface. By placing a tracking object on parts of the map, the table responds with music and visuals relating to that specific location.

  • S-Billy 102 Additive Synth

    My personal additive synth totally built using max.

  • Flower´s silence in empty guns

    Flower´s silence in empty guns (2012) for piano, live electronics and Wii sensors.

  • Analog synth jam video featuring Paia Fatman connected via MIDI to Percussa AudioCubes via improvisor, free generative music software. Improvisor is an application that was built in Max/MSP 5 and which uses the free external for Max/MSP, to communicate with audiocubes hardware.

  • Operations

    Operations is a computer generated audiovisual solo performance piece. The starting point for this piece is the programming of traditional drum machine grid patterns, a type of musical score.

  • Pilot: composition by navigation

    Pilot is a generative music application with the unique ability to steer its output toward specific riffs and melodies. The user navigates a musical landscape that forms a spectrum between selected music inputs.

    The user selects note patterns from existing compositions, and morphs between them in real time to produce new variations (here note pattern means a MIDI Clip in a Live set). Pilot analyzes the selected patterns and regenerates their most basic, generic building blocks.

  • Point Ones (for augmented conductor and ensemble)

    For augmented conductor small ensemble (violin, cello, saxophone/clarinet, e-guitar, drum kit, piano and conductor) In Point Ones the conductor is equipped with sensors, attached to wrist bands.

  • Moment|Moment

    Moment by Moment from Nathan Harmer on Vimeo.

    This is a visual/audio collaboration between Nathan and Fae Harmer using a mindful approach to composition.

  • OpticoAcoustic Reactor (OAR) light

    An interactive standalone app expanding the third party app "whispering hights" possibilities to midi, live audio and sampling. An extended version is OAR light 3x that uses 3 different vertical line sensors of the frame-difference of the jitter window. This app was created for the needs of my performance "3 songs for Ophelia" for soprano & audio-visual material (soprano: Natalia Pschenitschnicova).

  • Painting Wall is a participative vidéo composition. You move in front of the wall to draw picture, your body is like a pencil.

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