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  • Muse Port

  • ju.scenesName 1.1

  • Compositor Max For Live

    Unlike many random generators, Compositor Max For Live gives predictable results with algorithmic approach.

  • Push Pong

    First in a series of game inspired sequencers built for Push, grab the first release for FREE Push Pong is a generative sequencer built in Max for Live inspired by Batuhan Bozkurt's excellent Otomata Generative Musical Sequencer.

  •   Tekh Map is a free collection of powerful Max For Live devices that allow users of Ableton Live to quickly and easily take control of their sets with OSC.

    • The Dial gives you a neat interface to easily map incoming OSC data to any parameter in your Live set.

  • The Voice-Controlled Interface for Digital Musical Instruments (VCI4DMI) is a system driven solely by voice for the real-time control of electronic musical instruments, including sound generators (synthesizers) and sound processors (effects). The VCI4DMI implements is a generic and adaptive method to map the voice to digital musical instruments real-valued parameters, and it is based on several real-time signal processing and off-line machine learning algorithms for producing and using maps between heterogeneous spaces, with the aim of maximizing the interface expressivity and minimizing the user intervention in the system setup.

  • Pulsor is a Max for Live virtual instrument.

  • Image Synthesizer

    The Image Synthesizer  is a good toy if you are  too tired to mix a new sound with the regular devices.

  • Spektro DRG – Dual Rhythm Generator

    DRG or Dual Rhythm Generator is a Max for Live device capable of generating clocks and rhythms that can be used with analog synthesizers and drum machines via control voltage.

  • Wavefondler

    The Wavefondler Max/MSP patch was developed in order to provide a unique form of control potentially with a number of iPads running simultaneously; using your fingers to touch the waveform. There is broad acceptance of the benefits of MT for performance and mixing operations, but it is clear that direct interaction with an audiovisual transformation on a desktop/laptop is yet to come of age, and that at the time of writing there is no way of using MT control on a visualization of audio that resides on an Apple Mac computer.

  • -FUSION- at Glow festival 2013

    ANDRO VISUALS presents -FUSION- GLOW festival - Effenaar, Eindhoven - 09 Nov-16 Nov 2013 -FUSION- is an autonomous 3D visual application which generates musical and visual patterns.

  • Afroglitch

    Afroglitch is electronic music project.

  • Mendelssohn Museum Effektorium

    Description The centerpiece of the newly reopened Mendelssohn Museum is the interactive media installation "Effektorium".


    Description The Max for Live plugin FIRE SCENE AT SET TIME is a simple timer plugin.

  • Dark Synth, a Max for Live Instrument

    The Dark Synth is an additive synthesizer with some unique characteristics. You can define a waveform of up to 2048 partials (sine waves) for its main oscillator, the ADDITIVE oscillator, using presets waveforms, spectral processing algorithms and freehand drawing. Moreover you can add up to 128 copies of the Additive oscillator, and each copy (generator) can be detuned and phase-shifted with respect to the others.

  • Electronic Music and Sound Design Theory and Practice with Max and MSP - Volume 2 by Alessandro Cipriani and Maurizio Giri (ENGLISH Version). Publisher: ConTemponet This is the second in a series of three volumes dedicated to digital synthesis and sound design.

  • attractor etc

    Inspired by the possibilities of new technologies , audioartist Andrew Svibovich and writer Nikita Begoon created magical performance combined on genres such as: audio, video and prose. attractor_etc speaks to the viewer on language of new media. Text several times translated from one language to another using a simple electronic translator acquires new meanings and forms , and at the same time becomes illogical to some extent , making a deliberate error in the digital artifact.

  • Phase Distortion Synth

    This is my (first, finished) synthesizer.

  • 4×8

  • Dreamthief Volume 1 – Guitar Processing Using Jitter

    Dreamthief is a sound project I have been working on for the past two years, initially inspired by Jean-François Charles' article "A Tutorial on Spectral Sound Processing Using Max/MSP and Jitter" in Computer Music Journal.

  • Spektro Nucleation

    Spektro Nucleation is a Max For Live device that functions as a waveshaper and bitcrusher.

  • Spektro Komplex

    Spektro Komplex is a MaxforLive polyphonic synthesizer designed to create complex and unique sounds. Like the Buchla 261e module, Komplex uses two oscillators to produce FM sounds.

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