• Spektro DRG – Dual Rhythm Generator

    DRG or Dual Rhythm Generator is a Max for Live device capable of generating clocks and rhythms that can be used with analog synthesizers and drum machines via control voltage.

  • Tunnel Divisions

  • Videograff for dancers

    Real-time video installation for dancers with one camera, one computer, one videoprojector, a tulle and little LED thumbs. We experiment videopaint for a future dance creation called "Trans".

  • During the Culture Night Rnul presented an interactive projection on the building of KOP in Breda.

  • Wavefondler

    The Wavefondler Max/MSP patch was developed in order to provide a unique form of control potentially with a number of iPads running simultaneously; using your fingers to touch the waveform. There is broad acceptance of the benefits of MT for performance and mixing operations, but it is clear that direct interaction with an audiovisual transformation on a desktop/laptop is yet to come of age, and that at the time of writing there is no way of using MT control on a visualization of audio that resides on an Apple Mac computer.

  • Terrors of The Breakfast Table

    Terrors of the Breakfast Table is an interactive video installation by Tyler Tekatch, currently on view at the Art Gallery of Hamilton in Ontario, Canada, until May 25 2014.

  • The Grote Kerk in The Hague was the venue for a special exhibition about two exceptional men of the Dutch Golden Age: Constantijn and Christiaan Huygens.

  • Touch the sound

    It is difficult for many people to make music and to perform.

  • This project is a software tool developed in Max/MSP that allows musical elements, specifically in the context of a live performance, to be controlled by human vocal input. This involves the simple real time processing and analysis of numerous aspects of a vocal input, and the use of it to control & perform a musical piece. This project does not involve the direct manipulation of vocals, but instead uses the human voice as a controller to manage functions in real time.

  • Boosty – Velotone EP

    Note velocity applied to a filter cutoff frequency is a first sound principle, which leads the artist to understanding of different timbre types.

  • Handcrafted Ale for beer and computer Composer & performer: Eric Honour After my family, my two great loves in the world are music technology and high-quality beer.

  • update 2014/12/18 Release Notes Ver 0.2 New ray.sniff~ published

    • completely sniffing network traffics
    • more stable
    • codes cleaning.

  • Just Another Random Machine

    This Patch plays random notes according to the chosen scale.

  • Synaesthetic Sequencer

    Synaesthetic Sequencer takes its title from the notion of synaesthesia, the sensation some people have whereby one form of sensory stimulation provokes a response in one of the other five senses. In the case of the Synaesthetic Sequencer, colours perceived via a video camera are converted into spontaneously composed music in real time. Synaesthetic Sequencer breaks down a scene into an 8x8 grid of colours.

  • “Open Book” NUI Image Viewer

    "Open Book" is a gesture-controlled image viewing application and installation.

  • This is a project I have been working on for quite some time.


    The performance  takes place on Friday, 28th March 2014  at La Table des Matières (NMNM-Villa Paloma, Monaco) The audio-visual installation is visible from Thursday, 27th March 2013 to 11th April 2014 at News of the World (The Enclave, London) Synopsis As part of its public programme, NMNM–Villa Paloma presents Disrupt!on, a performance installation by Julien Bayle, curated by François Larini (NMNM), which takes place simultaneously and live in Monaco and at news of the world space in London. Julien Bayle is a minimalist sound and visual artist working at the juncture of sound, visual and digital data. Through successive digitally generated and evolving sequences, Disrupt!on explores the phenomenon of disturbance.

  • Lucky Dip

  • -FUSION- at Glow festival 2013

    ANDRO VISUALS presents -FUSION- GLOW festival - Effenaar, Eindhoven - 09 Nov-16 Nov 2013 -FUSION- is an autonomous 3D visual application which generates musical and visual patterns.

  • Afroglitch

    Afroglitch is electronic music project.

  • Metal Mirror

    Metal Mirror is a meditative musical instrument that exploits the resonant properties of a large sheet of steel. The performer has precise control of amplitude and subtle tuning adjustments over a set of pitches chosen in advance.

  • There are uncountable number of commercial programs for sequencing and modulating sounds, but I think that the more interesting and unique  are the home-made and self designed digital tools. Here we'd like  to share an example of our way in the band to sequence music on stage or in studio.

  • Triangles is an excerpt from 'No Less than the Trees and the Stars' the culmination of an intensive three week research period which took place in Fumbally Court Studio and DanceHouse Ireland.

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