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  • ~SerpentEclipse)

  • LSD – LVD – tLb

    LiveSoundDesign, in short LSD and LiveVideoDesign (LVD) are applications designed for the use on stage, to give reproducible results in the context of music theatre and such. Alongside with the development of these programs grew a framework called tLb (short for tomLib) which contains the building blocks for them.

  • Peydgentron’s “Obvi EP”

    Pedrodomus (NYC) and Naetron (ATX) have teamed up under court orders to release a truly metal, glitched-out, rock-solid EP.

  • Senna – videosampling application for kids

    Playful educational program that enables kids to make musical video compositions with the videos of their choice.

  • Grain core

    Grain core is a sampling granulation tool.

  • Miniak Patch Editor

    Miniak Patch Editor is an application for creating and managing synthesis patches for the Akai Miniak (and Alesis Micron) synthesiser.

  • The Streamer

    This max for live device offers streaming directly from Ableton Live to Icecast Servers. I often designed a Max standalone version.

  • Sim-AV

  • FacebookLIVE

    "Inserting pieces of actual reality often removes the magic of virtual reality." - Aaron Ben-Ze'ev (2004, Love Online: Emotions on the Internet) FacebookLIVE is a hybrid of online and offline human interaction, a series of objects that parodies how we cultivate relationships in social media.

  • Sound Doodle

    Sound Doodle is a free desktop application for Mac that takes the act of doodling, and brings it to the world of sound.

  • Programming Max 5

    The Programming Max 5 Interactive Course is an innovative way of learning Max 5 that can be used as a self-teaching set of quality tutorials or as teaching material for classes and computer labs. UNIT 1 is available here Follow Us Like Us Features • First interactive course on Max/MSP/Jitter programming built entirely in Max 5 • 100+ patchers per Unit covering Max’s theoretical framework and including practical examples, exercises, videos and more...

  • Runxt Life – OSC to MIDI

    RUNXT LIFE is a generative music application created for the iOS® platform based on the cellular automaton theory “Conway’s Game of Life” by John Horton Conway. RUNXT LIFE uses the output of the grid, affected by a few parameters, to either generate sounds or send midi notes to your computer with the help of the RUNXT LIFE – OSC to MIDI application.

  • The Composers’ Playpen

    THE COMPOSERS’ PLAYPEN is a program developed by me (Barton McLean) on MAX/MSP which enables very sophisticated MIDI control of existing synthesizers, sound modules, and samplers.  Originally inspired by “M” and “Jam Factory,” it builds on these seminal programs by offering many more ways and different approaches of manipulating note and chordal material.  It uses a collection of single-track sequences and MIDI loops as its basic units.  Once these are recorded, they are manipulated in many ways, some never before seen in programs of this nature.  There is opportunity to keep everything completely live, or to save some or all of the material for future performance. Like my recently-completed SEQUENCER PLAYPEN (see Project 158 below), the COMPOSERS’ PLAYPEN is also completely MIDI-based, and as such, utilizes the MAX part of MAX/MSP exclusively.

  • Arperk and Randrum

    Arperk and Randrum are the first series of applications of the music project ‘Leitvox’. Arperk is a dynamic arpeggeator composed of three interconnected, beat-synchronized engines that generate MIDI notes—and each engine has its own independent sequencer.

  • Party Favor

  • VJ Mode 1.5 is an application that is used by VJs and visualists for creating visual shows in clubs, venues, festivals, and so on.

  • Video Trigger

    Video Trigger is a free standalone motion detector application tailored for media artists.

  • c74 / iPhone app

    c74 is an iPhone app that let’s you connect your device with Cycling ’74’s Max/MSP 5 and create custom layouts which can be operated directly from your iPhone.

  • A.u.t.o.m.n.e.

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