55 Projects tagged with "improvisation"

  • piano+

    Recent technology suggests the possibility to find a different mode of interaction with the technology.

  • This is a documentation of a new composition utilizing multimedia improvisation. The microphone controls several video parameters in real-time.

  • Put On Your Tin Foil Hats

    This is part three of a three part project produced by Nathan Harmer (sound artist, musician, programmer, producer, performance artist and composer), the previous two parts were static compositions one stereo and one 5.1 surround. This part is a live performance collaboration with Fae Harmer (mixed media artist, currently working with the medium of live visual editing) using live source material manipulated with various Max/MSP modules.

  • Untight is a band consisting of touch guitarist Alexander Dowerk and electronic musicians Bernhard Wöstheinrich and Tobias Reber.

  • Rainforest

    RAINFOREST is a MSP-based program utilizing very sophisticated audio processing (pitch shifting, delay, sampling).

  • Trombones and Live Electronics

    Performance for two trombones and live electronics.

  • Bass Drum, Sax & Laptop Patch

    Extensive stand alone patch provides live audio effects to manipulate the sound of a bass drum and saxophone (or any two instruments), and triggers additional short rhythmic sounds, to create a more psychedelic performance.

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