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  • 0800 Rhythm Machine

    The 0800 Rhythm Machine is an eight-channel multi-voiced step-sequenced groove-shaping wood-panelled instrument.

  • Operations

    Operations is a computer generated audiovisual solo performance piece. The starting point for this piece is the programming of traditional drum machine grid patterns, a type of musical score.

  • de/Rastra

  • Audium Visium

    Audium Visium is an audiovisual, sample-based instrument created within a two week time span.

  • JONO

  • The MatriX for Ableton Live

    This is a real-time sequencer machine for Ableton Live / Max for Live. IT is really dedicated to the design of unique sequences for idm, braindance music & polyrhythmic.

  • MIDI Merlin

    The next iteration of MIDI Merlin, version 2.0, is currently in beta testing phase.

  • Scratchy – Noise & Rhythm Generator

    Scratchy is a standalone instrument for Mac and PC that produces noise.

  • The Uncanny Sequencer for Ableton Live

  • drawn only once

    the music of john supko performed by due east In drawn only once, Due East (Erin Lesser, flutes / Greg Beyer, percussion) features two of John Supko’s multimedia projects, Littoral and This Window Makes Me Feel, presented in both CD and 5.1 surround-sound DVD formats.

  • Peydgentron’s “Obvi EP”

    Pedrodomus (NYC) and Naetron (ATX) have teamed up under court orders to release a truly metal, glitched-out, rock-solid EP.

  • Videocello

  • Lumisonic Synaesthetics

    Here is a run through of the setup for the laser controlled music thingy! This is not how it sounds as it is just ticking over whilst I am filming and when I do play it I only have one hand free! The basic premise is this; Light dependent resistors (up to 16 of them) are stimulated by lights and lasers passing over them and the change in resistance is measured by an Arduino Mega and sent over USB to a laptop running Window 7. The data streams are processed by OSC and Max/MSP, converted and sent to a variety of sound sources.

  • Crossword of Sound – Crossole

    Crossole is a meta-instrument that allows you to control music in high level.

  • Phisynth

    This instrument was created as part of our latest interactive dance spectacle “Absorbe-moi” The starting idea was to create an instrument dealing with sound synthesis and reacting directly with the movement of the 2 dancers. Their movement is tracked live and analyzed by another computer, collecting the main characteristics of it (X position, Y position, Height, Width, X gravity, Y gravity, speed and luminosity). This continuous flux of data is smoothed, then transmitted as normalized data into the synth trough 8 channels, used to modulate the main parameter of the sound, like the oscillators frequency, the filters cutoff frequency, their resonance, etc..., or used to control events like the retriggering of envelopes, zeroing the oscillator phase, modifying their wave shape, controlling the rate of the sequencers, or the spatial position of the sound sources in the set (a quadriphonic system is used here).

  • Cause Unfold Proceed

    Limited Edition of 500.

  • Les Ondes Memorielles

    Les Ondes Memorielles is an electronic instrument, which has a memory, and some controls to play it back.

  • Cutupsampler

    Cutupsampler performs a cut-up of a sound file and maps the various cuts to keys on a MIDI keyboard or computer keyboard. Cutupsampler is about embracing unpredictability as artistic inspiration; the software fractures your sound and you put the pieces together in new ways, performing them by hand. Whereas most samplers are concerned with playing a particular sample at musical pitches on the keyboard, or playing discrete samples that are mapped individually to specific keys, Cutupsampler's approach is to divide a single sound among multiple keys — fracturing the original sound, without any attempt to transpose the cuts to musical pitches. If you register for a free Echo Nest API key, Cutupsampler will allow you to analyze your samples to cut them up on beats, bars, and "segments." Cutupsampler is provided free and open-source.

  • Large Hadron Sound Collider

  • Density is a new interactive real-time program for asynchronous granular synthesis sound file granulation, to generate a wide range of effects: time/pitch shifting, pitch disintegration, time jittering, sound pulverizer, scrub pad exploration, dynamic envelope drawing etc… Interpolation- transitions and Hyper Vectorials pads, provide a powerful way to generate incredible sound objects.

  • Max for Live Wiimote Instrument

    Made this vid to demo a max for live device my evil twin made.

  • Winduino II

    Author: Jason Warriner

    The Winduino II is a wireless, digital version of an Aeolian harp that can be listened to on its own or used as accompaniment for other instruments.

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