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  • piano+

    Recent technology suggests the possibility to find a different mode of interaction with the technology.

  • Fraktal Glass Bead Game: interactive installation

    The "Fraktal Glass Bead Game" installation is inspired on Hermann Hesse's famous book "The Glass Bead Game", where an advanced civilization had a group of gifted men dedicated to a spiritual, refined and sophisticated game, mixing music, culture and philosophy.

  • Running Expressions

    Running Expressions is a real-time performance composition for heart-rate monitor, two Nintendo Wiimotes, and two dual-axis accelerometers.

  • The Streamer

    This max for live device offers streaming directly from Ableton Live to Icecast Servers. I often designed a Max standalone version.

  • FacebookLIVE

    "Inserting pieces of actual reality often removes the magic of virtual reality." - Aaron Ben-Ze'ev (2004, Love Online: Emotions on the Internet) FacebookLIVE is a hybrid of online and offline human interaction, a series of objects that parodies how we cultivate relationships in social media.

  • Umidade is a live  interactive installation based on the Hades condemning of the Danaids (a Greek myth), where three performers (Ludmila Machado, Samir Andreoli and Stephane Paula) take a bath in front of four cameras, connected to two macbooks.

  • This is a documentation of a new composition utilizing multimedia improvisation. The microphone controls several video parameters in real-time.

  • 2 + 1

    Akleriah "Salon Contemporary" art "performance art" London "Notting Hill" Two erratic female characters frantically fumbled around on a floor cluttered with hundreds of keys in hope to find the one that proved their existence.

  • Put On Your Tin Foil Hats

    This is part three of a three part project produced by Nathan Harmer (sound artist, musician, programmer, producer, performance artist and composer), the previous two parts were static compositions one stereo and one 5.1 surround. This part is a live performance collaboration with Fae Harmer (mixed media artist, currently working with the medium of live visual editing) using live source material manipulated with various Max/MSP modules.

  • Syndyn – Artistic Sport Game


  • Visuosonics Software

    Since February 2010 I've worked on a series of applications which allow motion capture for performance as part of the Visuosonics research project at Southampton Solent University.

  • MSP. Meyer. Schulze. Purkrabek.

    MSP was a collaborative art-project that attempted to connect sound and light by focusing on their basic properties -- waves traveling through space.

  • Here is a live performance from the UCSC Electronic Music Concert on November 14th, 2010.

  • The Sequencer Playpen

    The Sequencer Playpen is a powerful MAX/MSP MIDI control sequencer with many features not seen before.  It's available free to qualified users.  My web site has detailed info with many graphics, along with 3 You Tube videos showing each feature and showing a live performance of JUBILEE using the software.  What makes this outstanding is that it is a ready to go, very elegantly-crafted high level program with extensive user manual and tutorial.  Basically, it uses step record process to record three 24-step tracks which are independent.

  • Feed My Speaker

    Feed My Speaker is a composition completely based on feedback.

  • 《e-live》For 5 MIDI Controllers Composing, programming: Liu Hao(刘昊) Performance: [ Classroom 513 ] e-LIVE ORCHESTRA ([513教室] 电子乐团) This piece is accomplished by 5 well trained performers, playing per-designed Max/MSP instrument - Bitstream 3x MIDI controller. All the music happens in real-time.

  • i touch the moon

    i touch the moon Composing Performance: Liu Hao(刘昊) The composer tries to express his feelings about the mysterious moon by the ipod/touch in his hand on stage in a totally interactive real-time way.

  • WiFi TeleMusik is an open work.

  • "Intangible States” evokes the world of the urban nomad ; always in transit, everything seems a series of dream-like states in which memories, the real and the imaginary collide.

  • Le Code

  • Whatever Shall Be

    A live performance for toy piano, dreidel, chopsticks and music box with live-electronics and surround sound.

  • Kardionic

    Kardionic is an interactive cinema piece that takes as it's subject the human heart in it's organic, energetic and spiritual dimensions.

  • Razor Sky


    Performance group 31 DOWN is back with their signature sonic destruction.

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