• Spinrag festival Kortrijk Belgium

    For the Spinrag festival in Kortrijk Rnul created a video installation for children.

  • SASER SAS24P3L Max for Live

    Even in times of modern warfare, personal security is a subject of each personality.

  • Sinner – Max for Live additive roughness synthesiser

    This little additive synth project is aimed at incorporating rhythmic beating based on the same whole number ratios used to derive the overtone series used to create the timbre.

  • PYSY

    PYSY is a Audio and Visual performance set with Max. Converts physics engine controlled parameter to 3D visuals and synth generator in realtime. For generating complex behavior of sounds by physical simulated movements.

  • This installation acted as a photo-booth that turned people into a mosaic of emojis in real-time, and allowed them to capture images to be emailed to them; while at night, it was projected onto the building.

  • Metronomica

    In this project I've used piezoelectric sensors up on the instruments, audio to midi converters, envelope followers, OSC sender for cross platform controlling Resolume Arena and DMX lighting by Ableton Live, various audio effects for the processed saxophone sound.

  • The Music and Sound Design Platform

    Music_SDP is a Digital Audio Performance Environment; a system designed around the creation and manipulation of audio in a real-time, replacing the two-dimensional sequencer of the standard Digital Audio Workstation with a non-linear, performance-focused work environment.

  • KRK SoundShadows

    This installation refers to characteristic soundscapes of Krakow. By moving hands above a map of the city, visitors can experience various soundscapes of different parts of the city. It’s built using light sensors which react on the changing of the light while hovering the map with hands.

  • Sacred Geometry and Art

    We used Max to create shapes in water and sand plates as well as shaking objects to animate them. Interview about *LLND and Sacred Geometry in their latest performance titled Cosmic Resonance.

  • Heart Beat Harmony

    Heart Beat Harmony is a 3-dimensional interactive LED sculpture for 12 simultaneous users interacting with heartbeat sensors .

  • Stellar

    An interactive installation which aims to create a sonification of stars and constellations data through a dedicated interface. Since there’s no sound in space, I wanted to to conceptualize a link between electromagnetic and sound waves allowing visitors to learn about specific stars through sound information. Two players can use the system at the same time, by moving their right hands over the two black, circular sensors. The data rendered for each star are: temperature (color index: red star = old and cold, blue star = hot and young), brightness (as seen from Earth), distance (from Earth) respectively mapped into: frequency (Hz), amplitude (dB), duration (ms). The project has been developed using Arduino, Leap Motion and Max7.

  • This experiment takes in webcam image and turns it into a 3D mesh (see my Selfie Sunday 001 tutorial for a full video guide on achieving this). Everything is automated via the “loudness” value from the audio input system. The Frame Buffer Glitching stores the last 40 frames of webcam, and only plays them back when the loudness reaches a threshold.

  • Signal Culture | Frame Buffer App

    The Signal Culture Frame Buffer is a real-time video processing app that saves a series of video frames into memory that repeat over one another within the keyed areas of either a luma key or a chroma key.

  • MelloToneGen is a generative ambient music and noise machine application for OS X. Built with Max/MSP, it runs as a native Mac application, and creates soothing, meditative soundscapes, using sounds of nature recorded in the Pacific Northwest, along with algorithmically-generated synthetic tones. You can choose from multiple soundscape themes, created from layers of original field recordings.

  • Koka’s Bow Sensor

    Koka's MacBook Bow is an optical sensor, which extends a laptop into a bowed musical instrument.

  • „Die Hamletmaschine“ is a performance for voice and live-electronics.

  • Visualizing looming attacks

    This algorithm focuses on when to generate notes, based on analyses of syncopation and repetition within Live MIDI clips.

  • M4LGranular

    M4L GRANULAR is a better and more simple polyphonic granular synthesiser for Ableton Live.

  • The Practice Room uses Max to facilitate rehearsing or performing electroacoustic music for instrument & tape.

  • Untitled No.36

  • In Triplicate

    Inspired by the Granular Synthesis work Modell 5, In Triplicate is a performance exploration utilizing audio-visual sampling.

  • just a tiny, fun (+ annoying) illustration of an idea i recently had, realised in max.

  • New Digital Instrument

    The whole program is written as a maxpatch, using all the stuff that people can get with the Max runtime.

  • Deconstruecento

    Italian Renaissance paintings are intervened in real-time by algorithms that simulate video compression artifacts.

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