• Gen – NH Rampsmooth & Slide

    I present to you both my first Toolbox submission and a rather useful Gen utility. NH.rampSmoothSlide believe it or not is a simple and efficient implementation of rampsmooth~ and slide~ within Gen.

  • GrowlBox by Ned Rush

    GrowlBox by Ned Rush is an autotuner and pitch tracked comb filter with effects for processing live audio into basslines, lead lines, percussion and general weird sounds for rave purposes.

  • max patch for faderfox uc3 controller Install as a package then use object [uc3 re] or [uc3 ab] for relative encoder setup or absolute encoder setup. You need my special uc3 setup to use this patch. misc/ab.midi: the controller setup with absolute encoder value for uc3, playback into uc3 to "flash" the setup to uc3.

  • This abstraction is like the bastard child of [change] and [listfunnel].

  • Transient Designer

    One of the few audio-effects, I miss in ableton live is a transient designer.

  • Multiple [nodes] (Points and Zones)

    This Max 6 patch uses two instances of the [nodes] object to output weighted values/volumes for multiple input sources ("points") as they are spatially related to output sources/channels ("zones"). Both the points and zones can be positioned manually, or automatically distributed evenly. For each "point", the patch outputs a list of values corresponding to the number of "zones" currently in use. Nothing groundbreaking here, but I thought others might find it helpful, especially for multichannel work and spatialization.

  • Saxelectro Max4Live Devices

    Andreas Mourtzoukos (Saxelectro) introduce you the Saxelectro Max4Live Devices. A collection of M4L plugins who Andreas create especialy for his performances. The page is in continous update.

  • Scale Finder & Common Keys Finder

    Two simple apps for Mac that I made for my students to find notes of a scale or find common notes between two scales.

  • VIZZable2

    VIZZable is a suite of video performance plugins for Ableton Live.

  • Max Package Downloader

    The Max Package Downloader is a tool I wrote following a discussion started by Tim Bone on the Cycling '74 forums about Max package management.

  • b.blocks

    b.blocks is a library for Max/MSP/Jitter, providing a set of modules for quick prototyping in interactive multimedia systems. Existing modules include video analysis, audio and communication with external devices. Each module is an abstraction, used inside bpatcher objects, providing a set of controls for each module's main functions.

  • Vst state saver

  • Pedagogic Synthetiser 2

    This is an update of my first Pedagogic Synthetiser. Now, you have : - a keyboard that control the freqences.

  • M4L Octave Device

    A stupid simple M4L (Max for Live) device with a stupid simple interface.

  • mtloo is a multitouch trackpad looper.

  • model5

    This is a patcher for live manipulation of sound which features four effects (delay, harmoniser, granulator, spectral delay) and an interface for [pattrstorage] which is ideal for structured improvisations.

  • cata.duino

    cata.duino - Parse  serial messages coming from an Arduino board.

  • matra – multitouch trackpad tools

    This is a collection of various tools, tricks, techniques for using the magic trackpad in controlling various objects in the Max/MSP environment, including sliders, multisliders, matrices, waveforms, even potentially using the trackpad as the monome arc! This toolbox uses the external [fingerpinger] by Michael and Max Egger (which is included) and a basic requirement is a post-2008 intel macbook with a multitouch trackpad, or a Magic Trackpad and compatible software (e.g.

  • APC 40 Mapped out in Max

  • internet-sensors

    Update 9/8/2013 - The Twitter examples were broken.

  • provides native support for the Hap quicktime codec.

  • M4L Digital Glitcher

  • M4L Midi Latch Box

    Midi Latch Box V1.2 (7th March 2013) ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; a simple and nice midi latch box for your virtual instrument or sequencer. I created this tool to make nice MIDI NOTES OFF effect. ** You can put this patch right after the M4L Drum Box patch, MIDI Sequencer, MIDI Files, etc... ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Main Functions and Instructions - LATCH // easily stops your midi notes, nice stop effects! - LENGTH // you can change the length of the midi notes OFF by changing the LIVE DIAL button from short to long. - PRESS // right under the live dial, you have access to several bars...

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