C74 Music Label

As of February 2016, Cycling ’74 is no longer releasing music under its C74 Music label. Below is the list for historical purposes. We are very proud of the catalog of music and grateful to the artists who agreed to work with us.

  • Loïs Laplace | c74-014

    Fine Sediment
    see what settles for you

  • DR.OX | c74-013

    a good place to train the imagination

  • Amoebazoid | c74-012

    intricate and accomplished yet never takes itself too seriously

  • Gregory Taylor | c74-011

    Voiceband Jilt
    loops and found sounds with an expert’s command of his chosen tools

  • Crater | c74-010

    live groove-driven invention and interplay

  • John Shirley | c74-009

    Sonic Ninjutsu
    a fight to redeem the Ninja tradition

  • Leslie Stuck | c74-008

    six scores for choreography

  • Sarah Peebles | c74-007

    Insect Groove
    live sonic landscapes

  • William Kleinsasser | c74-006

    Available Instruments
    interactive works for orchestral ensembles

  • Tetsu Inoue and Carl Stone | c74-005

    meeting of two major figures on the experimental scene

  • Kim Cascone | c74-004

    Dust Theories
    installation audioscapes plus remixes

  • Amnon Wolman | c74-003

    Dangerous Bend
    shimmering highways

  • Interface | c74-002

    live interactive improvisation

  • The Freight Elevator Quartet | c74-001

    Fix It In Post
    a collection of live performances

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