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006webAvailable Instruments includes two works that match high levels of musicianship from ensembles and soloist with his own compositional concerns about the relationships between timbre, performer, and machine. The title track is a duet for piano and computer whose energy lies in the tectonics of a complex player-contolled interplay between “memories” of a performance and the human performer. The Double Concerto embodies a different strategy, where the performers collectively vitalize a complex system of memory and transformation composed of interactions with prerecorded, recalled, and reordered versions of performance. It is music with the scale and drama of a great soundtrack — two carefully and fully imagined sonic worlds destined to reward the serious and regular listener. Daniel Koppelman (piano), Christian Colberg (viola), David Shumway (cello) and Paul Rardin (conductor) accompany William on his CD.

Cover image by Stuart Stein.

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