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Fine Sediment



The short two-word title for Loïs Laplace’s c74 release neatly encapsulates both its elegant and restrained content and the method of its construction. As that title implies, its about detail and scale as well as it being a worthy example of process made visible.

Fine Sediment’s collection of nine self-contained vignettes are both simple in their sources (as investigations of simple MSP processing) and complex in their execution in a way that rewards frequent or careful listening. In many cases, the audio objects seem “found” as much as created, with their evocative title phrases or humbler names – maple (érable) and oak (chêne) – suggesting a Renaissance “cabinet of curiosities” more than a Max programmer’s trail of breadcrumbs as he enters the forest of possibility.

The word “sediment,” derives from the Latin verb “to settle.” Listen quietly and carefully, and see what settles for you. Then, listen again.

Photos by David Zicarelli

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