Drumming Area v1.0

At the time that we, as sound engineers, we must be proactive to every challenge posed by our clients in a recording studio (music production), given this, this project demonstrates the creation of an audio program which performs the work of a professional drummer, using technology based on “audio layers, creating clarity in the execution of the virtual instrument, the user seeking to achieve the feeling that the implementation of the battery was performed by a human.
Adding to the project, psycho-acoustic factors within this virtual instrument (creating an acoustic environment of the drum) helping the user’s, that behind the execution of the drum there was a human and a space. It is worth mentioning that this move is not a drummer, but to be efficient when working in a musical production.


What is to be generated with this? A question not far to the final product of this project and that his first ambition to achieve is the creation of this program itself, taking some technology and above, including the stage of drum samples, such as creating a psycho-acoustic execution chamber. But one of the highlights would bring the average user, be they musicians, music producers, sound engineers,sound technicians, etc.. This technology, being the main objective of pro-activity in the workplace. Lowest point is also not to mention that global companies are few plug-ins that are dedicated specifically and exclusively to the making of virtual instruments, among which the most popular, with its program Fxpansion BFD on the other hand its competitor Toontrack EZdrummer with its program, the last spotwith different audio libraries, depending on the musical style that best suits the user.

Audio software as described below has the name DRUMMING AREA, where his final approach is directly focused on 3 areas which would be music POP, ROCK AND METAL.

The ultimate goal of this work is to generate a versatile tool between the musician and sound engineer, replacing the musician not by the technology, but doing its part. Furthermore, it does not hurt to emphasize that this software is not intended in any way eliminate the drummers in the recording sessions, but rather to streamline the composition, or physically remove the drum kit and use batteries with which MIDI well we all get the virtues of humanity above direct executioner.

In the preparation of layers of audio, MIDI synthesis in the implementation of each of the notes, and creation of acoustic space.

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Jun 13 2011 | 11:34 am

yeah, was this made with MAX MSP ? it just seams like an advert to me. Please explain.

Jun 13 2011 | 4:31 pm

yes in MAX 4.5, all MIDI is separated into max (via Rewire). With the separation, were created layers of audio for each sample.

Jun 14 2011 | 12:21 pm

panchoguitars originally included an explanation of how Max was used on his project submission, but our web form did not publish it correctly. We are trying to fix the problem now. Sorry for the trouble!

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