Live Clarinet Processing

A fundamental musical aim of this project is to create an electronic mirror of the instrument. Every programming decision has been guided by the aim to play with or complement, the conception of the woodwind sound. In this sense, non-summative rhythms, non-pitched material, alternative tuning systems, air and warmth all have a place within the electronic mirror of the instrument.

This project is the culmination of three year’s PhD research into redesigning a performance practice through the addition of interactive software technology. All performances are freely improvised. The visuals are an improvised response to the unfolding music.

The patch, built entirely in Max 6, uses a number of delays, spectral delays, sampling and interactive processes and is controlled by Livid Code and KMI Softstep.

Seán Mac Erlaine – clarinet, programming.

Donal Dineen – live visuals.

How did this project use Max?

Built in Max 6

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