Multiple Players

Multiple Players is an interactive music system developed in MaxMSP designed for use by a solo performer. The computer listens to the performance of the instrumentalist either through direct MIDI input or through pitch and envelope following algorithms, and groups these streams of performance data into musical events such as notes, dynamics, rhythms, articulations, rubato and silences. Three virtual players model the instrumental performance by gathering this performance data into collections of transition probability tables, or Markov chains, and the output of the three players is in the form of MIDI data output to external software sampler instruments. User interface features include: choice of either MIDI or signal input; output destinations; options for routing of performance data; turning on or off player memory loss; output transposition; sustain pedal input and range for random tempo fluctuations. This patch makes use of the external object sigmund~ written by Miller Puckette and ported to MaxMSP by Puckette, Lippe and Apel. The project is currently a work in progress.

How did this project use Max?

The system was built entirely in MaxMSP.

February 15, 2011 | 1:33 am

Wonderful music with a kind of "french post impressionism touch".
It would be great to see what’ s inside the patch !

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