Note Displacer M4L Device

Note Displacer is a Max for Live MIDI device that randomly displaces incoming MIDI notes by a predetermined interval, potentially making boring melodies and chords sound much more sophisticated than they really are. Note Displacer allows you to decide how it affects incoming notes based on their pitch, by setting custom pitch ranges for each behavior it is capable of. There are 3 types of behavior, as follows:

– Down: displaces notes downward by a determined interval
– Up: displaces notes upward by a determined interval
– Both: has the possibility to displace notes either upward or downward by separate determined intervals, with a setting for the probability of the note being upward (the remainder being probability of the note going downward)

To me the process of creating this device was interesting particularly because I wanted to have an easy to use and graphic interface that didn’t sacrifice the ability to fine tune and customize the effect.

Full description and free download.

Created completely in Max for Live

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